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Frequently Asked Questions for renting a boat in Mallorca

Can I book a boat more than one day?

To book a boat for rental more than one day please contact us at info@alcudia-boat-rental.com call us at +34 620 25 70 31 or use any of our contact forms. The application does not allow the reservation of several days. You can also do it by consulting calendars from the application, one day after another.

What are rental check ins and check outs I can choose?

For reservations of a whole day you can choose any time that the application allows. IN CASE OF HALF DAYS, THE MORNING SCHEDULES OF ENTRY TO THE BOAT ARE FROM 9:00 AM TO 11:00 AM AND IN THE AFTERNOON FROM 2:15 PM TO 4:00 PM. If you have booked other schedules please contact us, or we will probably contact you to find out about the possibilities of changing the schedule.

I have no boat license. Can I rent a boat in Mallorca?

In Spain and in Mallorca, the rental of no license boats is allowed on vessels under 5 meters and motorized with 15 horse power. There are untitled boats that are larger than 5 meters but in papers they appear as 5.0 meters.

how does the security deposit work?

For boats without a license the deposit is €350 and for those with a license it is €1000. If you prefer to hire a professional captain, the deposit is €0. If you bring the deposit in cash, we will include the amount of the deposit in the signed contract of the boat AND AT THE TIME OF RETURNING THE BOAT WE WILL RETURN THE DEPOSIT. If you prefer to pay by card, we can block the amount on the card.

I have no experience, is it safe to rent a boat in Mallorca?

Mallorca lacks tides and enjoys a calm climate and sea. Always notify in the comments of the application or in the check in. Our team of professional employers is accustomed to such situations.

I was wrong choosing season in the application. What can I do?

Contact us.

I do not know the navigation area. What if I get lost?

You have 36h / day telephone assistance and have maps and photos of each of the points of interest of the Alcudia bay and rest of areas as well as the port of departure (Can Picafort) so you can identified the departure harbor from any point of the bay

A two-year-old child counts as a passenger?

Yes, a 1 year and a day baby counts as a passenger. A baby under 1 year no. Check the maximum passenger capacity of each vessel before booking.

I want to rent two boats. Can I do it from the application?

We recommend calling us first to check availability. You can also do it by consulting calendars from the application, one ship after another.

Can I book a boat only paying a part of the total price?

Of course you can, just choose the appropriate option in the application. The remaining money can be delivered before boarding. Remember that there is a security deposit that is paid before boarding and that gasoline is not included.

Can I reserve a nautical toy? Wakeboard, skys or donuts?

Of course it can. You must book it at least one day in advance.

Is it safe to book a boat from the application?

Totally safe, we do not keep any credit card since payment systems such as Paypal or Stripe are alien to Alcudia bay boat Rental. For more detailed information read our privacy policy.

What does it include in Catering?

It is necessary to book a minimum of two days in advance and for a minimum of 4 people. There are two types of catering and both cost 38€ per person, both menus include water and soft drinks:

Catering A- 1st course- Spinach, beet, feta cheese and corn salad AND Wrap of salmon. 2nd course- Pork Boa Bun with Hoising Sauce. Dessert- Pineapple cheese cake with good boil.
CATERING B- 1st plate- Smoked quinoa, sweet potato, cherry tomato, cilantro and lime salad AND Hummus with raw vegetables. 2nd Dish- Guacamole with homemade chips. Dessert- Carrot cake.

Why do you recommend 3 passengers instead of 6 on the Remus 525 with 40 hp?

The Remus boat has a capacity of 6 people, however, due to the design of the boat, by putting weight on the bow the boat does not glide and does not reach the 23 knots that a normal 40 hp boat should reach. However, with 15 hp it is even faster than the rest. If you don´t mind the speed, go ahead and rent it with 40 hp for 6 people. Remember that if you rent the boat with skipper the skipper counts as one person.

Is it necessary to book through the application?

No, you can call us, send us a whatsapp or an email or use any contact form

What should I bring on the day of the rental?

A smile, your identity card and your navigation license if applicable. In case of not hiring katering we recommend to bring moisturizing drinks and sun protection cream.

Where do rented boats leave from?

From the port of Can Picafort. Look for ALCUDIA BAY BOAT RENTAL company.

Can i pay with a credit card with paypal?

Of course, when you enter the payment gateway instead of selecting a card (through Stripe), select Paypal and there you will also see the credit card option

Do the boats have bimini or sun canopy to protect us from the sun?

All boats are equipped with awnings or sun canopy.
Enjoy your boat rental in Mallorca!

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