Yacht charter in Mallorca

Luxury yacht rental in Mallorca

Alcudia bay boat rental offers you a wide selection of luxury yachts for  rental in Mallorca, especially in the bay of Alcudia. Our yachts not only stand out for their beauty and luxury, but also for being at the forefront of technology, which will take you to extraordinary universes while you take your loved ones with you. In order to provide unforgettable experiences Alcudia bay boat rental takes care of the smallest detail so that  you can sail the seas feeling the unique and exceptional that only Mallorca can  offer. Experience the beauty of Mallorca by renting one of our luxury yachts and  escape from the routine, allowing us to take care of you!

Princess 67 Fly

Length: 23m
Pax: 6 (Night) 12 (Day)
Cabins: 3
From: 2000 €/día

Sunseeker Portofino 53

Length: 17m
Pax: 6 (Night) 11 (Day)
Cabins: 3
From: 3200 €/día

Cranchi Atlantique 48

Length: 16m
Pax: 6 (Night) 11 (Day)
Cabins: 3
From: 1800 €/día


Alcudia Bay Boat Rental, after 12 years of existence, expands into the luxury yacht charter market in Mallorca. Specialists in sailing in the area of Alcudia, we have a wide variety of yachts located in the port of Alcudia, from where you can experience the comfort of renting a superyacht cruising the wonderful waters of Mallorca. If you need to get away from the routine and feel the freedom of the sea breeze on a sunset over the wonderful turquoise waters of Mallorca, escape with us and enjoy everything that Mallorca has to offer. We will help you by providing you with everything you need so that you and your friends/family/colleagues can feel comfortable in the adventure of discovering Mallorca, chartering a yacht and visiting the island from the sea.


If what you love is luxury and comfort you will be in good hands. At Alcudia Bay Boat Rental we charter luxury yachts in Mallorca. We are characterized by discretion, confidentiality and professionalism in transactions, twelve years of experience behind us. After making an arduous selection of the best yachts in the bay of Alcudia adapted to your needs, your dream sailing trip will be just a reservation away. Our crew on board will always be at your side to advise you, whether you prefer a quiet family cruise or take advantage of the nightlife that Mallorca and the bay of Alcudia will offer you.


Although the preferred option for our clients is to charter a yacht for a day in Mallorca, our offer also includes yacht charters for weeks and even a month/months; therefore, it is important that you make your reservation as soon as possible, guaranteeing your availability and not missing out on the experience. Contact us as soon as possible and take the opportunity to enjoy the pearl of the Mediterranean, Mallorca. Chartering a yacht for more than a day will offer you many unforgettable experiences, such as being able to sleep under a starry sky where only you and whoever you choose and the firmament will be there, with the added peace of mind that you will be accompanied and will have the assistance of the crew at all times, ensuring your safety and well-being. In addition, you will be able to enjoy bathrooms in suites or spacious cabins with all kinds of luxuries awaiting you. If you combine this with contemplating the immensity of the ocean from the deck, surrounded by the sea breeze and the celestial dome, do you need to think about it any more?


Considering the tremendous economic value of a yacht, yachts in Mallorca are often chartered with skipper and/or crew, and we are no exception. It is always better to be in the experienced and expert hands of professionals of the sea who can advise you at the right time. With few exceptions, in Spain and Mallorca only 11 passengers are allowed and are not considered professional crew, regardless of the length of the yacht. Spanish legislation allows, in addition to the 11 passengers, professional crew such as cooks, sailors, waiters, masseurs, captains and a wide range of sea professionals. Enjoy all that the sea has to offer by chartering a skippered yacht in Mallorca.


The bay of Alcudia is one of the most beautiful areas on planet Earth; and there is nothing better than enjoying this unique environment by chartering a yacht in Alcudia. Both Can Picafort and Alcudia are the nerve centers00 of the bay and are the areas where you will find the largest leisure offer for demanding people, with excellence in quality and exclusivity in service. Alcudia, with more than 20,000 inhabitants, is located in a strategic point, near the natural park of Levante and the bay of Pollença and the Tramuntana mountain range, in the middle of wild nature. This unique enclave allows you to enjoy an amazing experience full of exquisiteness and charm. If you choose to charter a yacht for more than one day in Alcudia, you will be able to enjoy what the rest of the island has to offer, you can visit Cabrera, Formentor, La Calobra and an endless number of surprising and extraordinary places.


There is a wide range of shared excursions on large yachts, but we do not offer this service. We are specialists in offering unique experiences, that’s why we work exclusively with private yacht charter in Mallorca This way, you and your intimate circle of friends will enjoy the sea in a private, confidential and reserved way on a luxury yacht. The only company will be the skipper and/or crew who will be at your disposal at any time, whenever you need them. There is nothing like enjoying the sea in a spacious and reserved space with dream views of the Mediterranean Sea and the island of Mallorca itself. All the yachts have a tender, an auxiliary boat, which will make it possible to travel to the most privileged, exclusive and/or sophisticated restaurant in the area, as well as allowing you to visit the most unusual beaches safely. Do not hesitate, if you like exclusivity and comfort, trust us to make your reservation. You will be in the best hands in one of our private yachts.


There are brands of yachts of excellent quality. We have made a selection of the best brands, such as Sunseeker, Cranchi, Ulstein among others, and of course, you can also charter a princess yacht in Mallorca with Alcudia Bay Boat Rental. This type of yacht comes from an English shipyard founded in 1965, with naval architects as famous as Bernard Olesinski, who in the 80s gave a strategic turn to the brand. Princess Yachts was also a pioneer among European shipyards in obtaining ISO 14001 certification in recognition of its efforts to reduce its environmental impact.


Why charter motor yachts? After 12 years of chartering motor boats in Mallorca, the time has come to expand our experience and specialization in motor yacht charter. Small has become tiny, what we considered modest has now become minor. The extraordinary dimensions of motor yachts translate into comfort and well-being and, in the event of any unforeseen event, a motor yacht allows you to get out of the most challenging contingency in a fast, safe and totally reliable way. For all these reasons we have selected the yachts with the best motor brands, checked by official technical services, because the certainty of your safety is the source of our tranquility.


We are aware that there are larger super yachts in Mallorca than the ones we offer, but they are not located in fixed harbors as the ones we offer are. udia Bay Boat Rental offers. Normally, the superyachts are located temporarily in Croatia, on the French Riviera, in Naples or even in the Caribbean during the summer season and only a small part of the summer in the Balearic Islands. Our superyachts are available at all times in Mallorca, in port, mostly in the bay of Alcudia. This provides much greater availability in the charter of our mega yachts, without logistical problems, without a “maybe” for an answer and with the guarantee of excellence that only Alcudia Bay Boat Rental offers.


As we have already mentioned, you can not only charter a yacht for a day, but you can also charter your favourite yacht for weeks. This option will give you the chance to discover all that Mallorca has to offer, which is a lot: from Andratx to Pollensa, passing through the Sierra de Tramuntana, the largest mountain range in Mallorca and a UNESCO World Heritage Site, or the incomparable bays of Alcudia or Pollensa, where its turquoise waters are calm and transparent, to the delight of contemplating the Levante Mountain range from the yacht, famous for its vitality and for the variety of species and biological richness. The Levante area, with its innumerable coves, similar to those of Menorca, is one of the favorite locations. You will be able to see Palma Cathedral from the sea, an authentic Levantine Gothic temple that overlooks the Roman Renaissance walls. All this and much more can be seen during your stay on board our megayachts. In addition, you will have the opportunity to have fun at the leisure attractions of each destination, including the capital, Palma de Mallorca, if you wish. Why rent a hotel when you can charter a yacht for a week and stay in a location with all kinds of luxuries and comforts with exclusive service just looking after your needs?


What if I get tired of the yacht? You won’t get tired, the large yachts behave very well with the swell, reducing it until you feel a sense of calm sea. As additional extras to guarantee your entertainment, on many of our yachts you can enjoy jetskis, paddle surfing, snorkeling equipment, tender and even a kitchen service on board, to name just a few. Boring, isn’t it? It’s impossible. Don’t think twice, charter one of our yachts in Mallorca and enjoy your own corner of luxury on the sea. You won’t regret it!