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Tired of always having the same holidays year after year? Have you ever questioned whether you should use your spare time to do something completely different? Alcudia Bay Boat Rental, in Colonia de Sant Pere, provides the solution. Based out of Can Picafort and founded in 2012, our company specializes in boat rental services in the center of Alcudia Bay. Located just beside the Colonia de Sant Pere and other ecological and interesting points such as the Natural Park of Levante, and nestled close to the towns of Cap de Pere, Artá and Canyamel.

Hire one of our boats in Colonia de Sant Pere

Alcudia Bay, one of the main tourist areas of Mallorca, is where our boat hire company is located. Alcudia Bay Boat Rental is based in the harbor of Can Picafort, a town just beside Colonia de Sant Pere. We will be your favorite boat hire company in Colonia de Sant Pere.

Set up in 2012, Alcudia bay boat Rental is only aimed at approaching our clients our great passion: the sea and the boats, offering them the chance to live unique moments on board IN any of our two types of boats for hire that we have.


It is not just about sailing, it is much more. Hiring one of our boats in the Colonia de Sant Pere area lets you discover countless places you have never seen before, not even in pictures. It is seeing every imaginable shade of blue and diving into crystal clear waters. It is discovering the Natural Park of Levante, an area specially protected for its beauty. It is feeling the wind in your hair as you speed over the sea, while at the same time experiencing peace, safety, comfort and relaxation as you escape and disconnect from day to day problems. In other words, renting a boat is about living and to feeling.

In Alcudia Bay Boat Rental we will ensure that your boat hire experience in Colonia de Sant Pere becomes unforgettable. Our client’s satisfaction is the most important thing to us, and to achieve it we will help you with all the information you need to make your boat hiring into a unique moment. To do this, we will adapt to your needs, offering you the flexibility of renting a boat for 4 hours to full days or complete weeks, depending on the duration of your stay and your love for the sea.


Depending on whether you have a boat license or not, you will be able to hire one of our two types of boats. The Graüner 650 Walkaround boat is perfect for expert sailors with a license, being fast and reliable with maximum capacity of 6 passengers, or our V2 5.0 built in 2019 will also delight the sea lovers. For friends who like to travel together we also have our SACS 750 S25 DREAM, with 250 horsepower is built for up to 18 people although Spanish legislation only allows 12 passengers. For those who do not have a boat license yet, we strongly recommend the comfortable and secure Quicksylver 455 Activ Open, with maximum capacity of 5 passengers, equipped with everything necessary to turn your day boat hire day into something unforgettable, alternatively our wide, stable V2 5.0, with a capacity of 6 passengers.


For those expert navigators who cannot imagine their holidays without sailing, our flagship boat is available, the Graünner 650 Walkaround: fast, reliable, safe, fully equipped and with a 200 hp outboard engine that will let you enjoy a unique experience. Newly acquired and with an unforgettable design we also have our V2 5.0 with a 40 hp motor. Or for large groups we have our SACS 750 S25 DREAM which with its 250 horsepower is suitable for up to 18 passangers (12 legally in Spain).

Do you think that not having a boat license is a problem? Not with us. In this case, you can rent from two boats. The Quicksylver 450 Activ Open or the V2 5.0, our more recent acquisition. These boats have capacity of 5 and 6 persons respectively. Renting any of these boats will give you the power to sail through the crystal-clear waters surrounding the Natural Park of Levante or Aucanada.

To request information or make a reservation the best way is to call us, however If you are staying in Colonia de Sant Pere, you could visit one of the two offices that Alcudia Bay Boat Rental has in Can Picafort and Son Serra de Marina. It is best to call ahead to arrange an appointment.

The ultimate priority of Alcudia Bay Boat Rental is to provide our clients the highest possible enjoyment during their time at sea and secondly, to prioritize attention to detail and quality in order to make your rental boat experience unforgettable. At Alcudia bay boat Rental we adapt to your needs. So, you can rent a boat for 4 hours or extend the period to a complete day or even complete weeks.


If you are staying in any of the towns near to Can Picafort, that is, in Colonia de Sant Pere, Betlem, Montferrutx or Son Serra de Marina, you will find it easy to access our offices and hire our boats. The best option is to call us to make an appointment, However you can also visit either of our two offices, located in Can Picafort harbor or San Serra de la Marina where you will be able to ask any questions and make your reservation:

• Can Picafort harbour, where the boats for rental are located.

• Son Serra de la Marina

If you ever wondered how it feels to rent a boat, now is the time to discover it for yourself. Hire a boat now!!

You choose the route! During your sail, you will be able navigate the entire Alcudia Bay coast. Renting one of our boats allows you to visit the Natural Park of Levante, surrounded by pine trees and dunes. You can enjoy the chapel of Betlem dominating the Arta’s mountains, swim in many coves that you will discover during the journey, relax fishing or navigate to Capdepera until you reach Ferrutx cave.


Do you still have your doubts? Do you need a final bit of a push to rent your boat in Colonia de Sant Pere? If all our previous reasons are not enough, go ahead and try by renting a boat on your own. Feel the wind whispering on your face, contemplate the sunsets, stop the boat and breathe while you gaze out over unique places, swim in unspoilt coves and love every moment together with your family and friends

Do not hesitate any further, visit our boats. You can find us in our office located in Can Picafort beside Colonia de Sant Pere, so call us to make an appointment. Rent your boat now! The sea will never seem the same and sailing will become one of your favorite lifetime experiences. That is how we feel about it and we want that feeling to transmit to you.

¿Why think any longer? Come and charter or hire your favorite boat close to Colonia de Sant Pere, enjoy your stay in Mallorca with your family or friends in an unique and different way-


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