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Discover the sea of Pollensa renting a boat

Although Mallorca offers many landscapes to the visitors, Pollensa is, without any doubt one of the most popular visited and demanded destinations to rent a boat, despite not having the best hotel offering of the island.

Only when we take deeper in the meaning of travelling to Pollensa is when we can understand it. For example ¿Could you guess that Pollensa has been an inspiration to Agatha Christie? ¿Dis you know that Pollensa was chosen by big personalities such as Wiston Churchil or Peter Ustinov to spend the summer?

One could say that Pollensa has been, during many years, a cultural center in the island. In the early 20th century, well-known names of art, painters and writers visit it year after year, contributing to expand its name in and outside the island.

Today, Pollensa keeps the cultural redoubt and many are its activities that keep alive this spirit. One of our recommendations is to visit “Horizonte360”, a project that ended in 2017. A work of several artist for the purpose of erase any kind of Civil War military elements, the interiors of old barracks were transformed, restoring with art old structures, with the focused mission to highlight one of the most wonderful perspectives of Mallorca: Its infinite horizon.

Surroundings of Pollensa

But if you chose other alternatives like walking or car, you can access to places like Pollensa Port or Monti-sion, where, after a little walk, you can enjoy of the beautiful views of the surroundings of the town.

Close to Pollensa is located Cala San Vicente, with crystal waters and in its surroundings there are one of the endemic plants of the island, the Iberic Naufraga. During our walk in Cala San Vicente you can also access to the prehistoric caves of Alzineret.

Alcudia y Pollensa, in a distance of a sign hiring a boat

For the ones that enjoy history, the name of Pollensa could be confused with the old roman city Pollentia, currently Alcudia. However, not many kilometers separate one bay from the other and, undoubtable, our trip won’t be the same without knowing both. Better to enjoy it hiring a boat.

And here is where we would like to stop. Alcudia and Pollensa so are intimately related that is impossible to consider one without the other, consequently a visit to the island has to include both.

Our best renting alternative: Travel from Alcudia to Pollensa in boat

Because our stay in Pollensa is allowing us to know its surroundings by car or walking. ¿Why shouldn’t we be more creative and know Pollensa from a different point of view? Like renting a boat.

If our trip to Pollensa can’t be understood without visiting the whole Alcudia bay, it has sense to enjoy what the Alcudia bay has to offer to us.

The city of Pollensa is located at 15 minutes of the harbor, while the Alcudia bay and its truly heart, Ca’n Picafort, is only at 25 minutes. Clearly this option merits your consideration.

Of all possible alternatives that are available to the visitor, one of the most demanded in these last years is the tourism by boat. Be able in just one single day (or two) to visit the most significant and tremendous spots of the island and from a perspective that only a boat is capable to offer, and this possibility is now a possibility open to everybody.

In the Alcudia bay Boat Rental office that we have in Ca’n Picafort we receive clients daily, interested in knowing the best way to visit The Pollensa bay from the sea without missing the possibility of visiting other stunning locations of the island. For this reason, renting a boat in Ca’n Picafort is the best alternative.

En route: Surprising locations to visit in boat en our way to Pollensa

From Can Picafort, you will find the Pollensa bay in just 15 minutes if you go straight. ¿It’s not a long time, true? But if there is something worth in the boat trip is to enjoy the amazing spots that you can find in the way and, unless you rent your boat in Ca’n Picafort, you will probably miss. Places like Coll Baix, or Cabe Pinar with its turquoise crystal clear waters where it’s a must to make a stop to swim, have launch, or enjoy the marvelous view offered; or even the Alcudia city, where we can stop in its harbor to savor in any of its terraces or walk to contemplate the march of history through its architecture.

What else can I visit renting a boat in Pollensa bay?

Navigating to the north east and bordering the stunning Cabo Pinar we will have the possibility to visit two more well-known coves of the island, El Caló de sa Figuera and Ses Caletes where we can start enjoying the environmental landscape that surrounds the Pollensa bay.

Passing through Pollensa harbor, in north east direction there is another of the emblematic beaches of Mallorca. It’s well known as a destiny of important public figures who visit the island each year, the Formentor beach has won an important place in those island lovers’ hearts that seek spots surrounded by nature and peace to enjoy of some days of relaxation. It is a great location to contemplate the changing colors of the sea as the day goes on. From the full transparency of the water in the beginning of the day, going through the crystal blue, turquoise or indigo, to become an amalgam of colors when the sun, in the sunset, begins to reflect its sunrays in the sea and transform the stunning tranquility of the waters into a mirror of thousands of variations of blue and golden color.

Another spot to visit hiring a boat, before our regress to Can Picafort, should be Cabe Formentor. A lot of inhabitants know this location as “the meeting point of the winds” and they have a great deal of reason. The winds power and the crashing waves have transformed over the centuries the landscape of this area, into high cliffs where it seemed as the pirates where about to come.

Things to consider when hiring a boat in Pollensa.

We have already mentioned the wonderful phenomena when contemplating the waters of Mallorca: the crystallinity of its waters, something hard to find in other coasts and contribute to praise the name and fame of the island.

This phenomenon is caused by one of the living organism in Mallorca that has more protection worldwide, the Posidonia Oceanica. Maybe its name, whose origin is the Greek god Poseidon, transfers the strength and power to clean and purify the Mallorcan waters, same way as its leaves when they are dragged towards the beach by the sea, they act as a barrier and become vitally important to avoid erosion.

But these are not the only things that contributed to consider the posidonia as special protection. It’s also the fact that there are lots of animals and many other plants that has established and reproduce in its area, building genuine communities and developing a complex ecosystem that make it become a “priority habitat”. In fact, is considered as the biggest and long-living organism, and it’s been declared by Unesco as Heritage of Mankind.

From our boats you can see perfectly these meadows, especially in areas where there is not much depth. But, there are also many clients, experts or not in scuba diving, that decide to hire a boat in Pollensa to snorkel and enjoy the posidonia from another fascinating point of view.

Therefore, is important, when hiring a boat, to consider a special care for the posidonia in order to protect this vulnerable specie. Considering all this, if there is something that must be given attention along the day boat rental is an optimal place where to anchor if we want to stop to relax, eat or swim. It’s important to stop a few seconds, observe and, in the same way we do not recommend to anchor in rocks, we strongly don’t recommend to anchor in posidonia. As sea lovers, this special care to keep it safe and secure is the value that we like spread to our clients

Rent a boat to visit Pollensa with us.

If something is clear at this point is that renting a boat in Can Picafort to navigate to Pollensa is, undoubtedly, an extraordinary idea. In Alcudia bay boat rrental we will provide all the necessary information In order to get the most out of your charter hours. We are waiting for you! One of the best experiences of your life is waiting for you.




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